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Should I Self-Publish My Work?

For this month, I want to open up a topic that has been a very popular discussion among writers I know and/or work with: Should I consider self-publishing my work? Most people think that, as an agent, I hate self-publishing. But that’s not the case at all. And in fact, we’ve assisted and advised a number of clients in self-publishing over the past few years. We have seen some success from this. We have seen some books have […]


The Importance of Educating Yourself (Royalty Statements Part 1)

I recently taught a workshop on how to read royalty statements at an SCBWI (Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators) annual conference. It was one of three workshops I lead while I was there. And it was the least attended. Now I completely understand that people attend writer’s conferences mostly to improve their craft, to network, to be inspired. And learning about royalty statements isn’t exactly the most inspirational thing to do at a conference that has […]


Guest Post: Literary Agent, Brooks Sherman

When I was first approached about writing a guest post for PubCrawl, I was both flattered and alarmed. I was delighted to join the ranks of accomplished writers and publishing professionals who write here regularly, but I was uncertain about what new insights I could add to the mix. Then I remembered a subject that has been on my mind a lot lately: the fluid and sometimes nebulous nature of category in fiction. I recently […]


Guest Post: Literary Agent, Marietta Zacker

As publishing professionals, we are often asked to define different aspects of literature: voice, style, genre, you name it. One that seems to have an obvious and easy definition is the term “Young Adult” (YA). After all, in its purest form, YA is an age range. However, defining it only by the age group for whom the work is intended is insufficient (and it is important to acknowledge that any given age range is also debatable). One can […]


Reader’s Block, 2.0!

Over the holiday break, I found myself with reader’s block. For all of you writers out there who just did a double-take, yes, I said readers block. I just made it up. Although I’m positive I’m not the first person in the industry to feel this way. Let me explain. I was on the couch, reading a requested submission and I just couldn’t get past the first page. And the writing was good. After four failed […]