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Behind the Page with Paper Lantern Lit #2: Social Media, Marketing, and Publicity, Oh My!

Happy New Year from Paper Lantern Lit! We’re excited to be back on Publishing Crawl for the second post in our “Behind the Page” series. If you missed our first post on editing for a book packager, click here to recap. Today, our in-house marketing maven, Tara Sonin, will share a bit about how marketing differs between a packager and a publishing house and her top 5 tips for authors looking to give their brands […]


Behind the Page with Paper Lantern Lit #1: Writing and Publishing with a Book Packager

Book Packagers are one of the most interesting components of the publishing industry. At least we think so, because we’re one of them! (Hello, we’re Paper Lantern Lit.) But there are also lots of questions about book packagers, such as: What are they, exactly? What do they DO? Why would a writer choose to work with a packager over the ‘traditional’ publishing model? How does the editorial process differ from working directly with a publishing […]


Guest Post: Writing When You’re Already an Editor!

  1. Hey Kamilla! Describe THE UNICORN HUNT for me in 3 words. Wish-full, Wonder-full, Sister-full. (You didn’t say they had to be real words!) 2. Okay, now you can describe it in a sentence or two. The UNICORN HUNT explores that idea that magic exists in anything that requires creativity as well as in family relationships—specifically, sisterly bonds. 3. Where did the original idea for the UNICORN HUNT come from?  I was inspired by two things: a […]

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Writing as a Student

There are a lot of posts and articles out there about fitting writing into the rest of your life, whether that life includes things like a day job, a family, or other obligations. There are fewer specifically about balancing writing and school. But when I tweeted a little while back about possibly writing one, it seemed like there was a lot of interest! I’ve been a student/writer for the majority of the time I’ve been […]


QOTM: All about Villains!

Hey guys, it’s Kat! I hope you all had a great week 🙂 For those of you who have been reading Pub Crawl/Let the Words Flow (as we used to be known way back when), you might remember we used to do Questions of the Week, where a number of us here at the blog would all answer one reader-submitted question, offering a variety of insight. Well, it’s been a while since we did a […]