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The Books That Linger

Let’s face it—it’s virtually impossible to answer the question, “What is your favorite book?”. There are just too many, and my answer would shift from day to day. But the ones that defined who I am as a writer, a reader, and a person? Those books are set in stone in my brain, locked away in a protected space. No matter how many books I read and how many I fall in love with, these […]


The Safe Zone

When I was a teenager, I wrote for myself. I had my far off dream of publication, of course, but in the actual process of writing, I could make the world melt away and focus on nothing but the story. The middle of the night would shift into dawn and I would wonder where the time went. I wrote to distract myself from important things, like homework or errands or exams. Writing was a guilty […]


Joys of Writing

It’s almost upon us! Because we’re right in the middle of the season of joy, here’s a question I’m curious to hear your answers to: What about writing gives you the most joy? Here’s mine: For the most part, I’m a pantser–I don’t plan ahead much when I’m writing a first draft. But there is one thing I do like to make a road map for, however rough it might be: my characters. It doesn’t […]


Twisting Your Plot

No matter the genre or category of fiction, I think everyone enjoys a well-done plot twist. They’re certainly one of the most fun things in the writing process for me. But they’re also one of the hardest. Whenever I browse readers’ reviews, I can tell immediately which twists worked for my audience and which fell flat. This keeps me constantly on my toes, always trying to figure out how to put in better plot twists. […]


Writing Diverse Fiction: A Practical Guide

Very few of us set out to intentionally write misogynistic or racist things. Some people are horrible, true, but the rest of us? We are products of our society, and as a result, we may all occasionally fall victim to misogynistic, condescending, or racist/white-washing thinking. I’ve certainly done it. I distinctly remember once remarking off-hand how “I’m a total female, because I suck at directions,” and then immediately thinking, “Why did I word it like […]