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How Long Will You Wait for the Next Book?

As fans of Game of Thrones are aware, it’s been about six years since the release of book 5 was released, and author George R R Martin has missed several deadlines for the next one, largely due to writer’s block. (I’m sure we can all relate!) Martin made headlines last month by announcing that the 6th book ‘may’ be ready by the end of 2018, and I can tell you I’ve already had inquiries from […]


Once You’ve Finished Reading

I was listening to the radio today and the host mentioned her lack of interest in visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Gasp! I know- right?) despite having enjoyed the books. She said that while she understands that fans of the book want to walk down Diagon Alley or select a wand or sample Butter Beer, she prefers to read a book and be done with it. I was particularly struck by this comment, […]


Writing Non-Fiction

Whenever I thought about writing, I always assumed that writing non-fiction would be faster and easier than writing fiction. With fiction, I need a plot. I need a beginning, a middle and an ending. I need an interesting storyline and I need well-developed and compelling characters to keep the reader’s attention. Non-fiction, I thought, is easy. I just research the topic, follow the basic Ws that they teach you about good report writing, and meet […]

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I Don’t like…

As a bookseller, if there’s one phrase I’ve come to hate it’s “I don’t like”. Ironically, this is a phrase I used to use myself quite often, and catch myself still using on occasion. I have eaten bananas. I know I don’t like bananas. Maybe it’s a texture thing or a taste thing, but either way, I know I don’t like them and will politely refuse one if offered to me. I know I am […]


Should Books Make Us Uncomfortable

It seems like hardly a week goes by where there isn’t some report about a book that has been challenged or banned from use in a school. The reasons vary. Unpopular religious views or opinions, gratuitous violence, sexually explicit, language are some of the more frequent reasons listed by the ALA. Banned Books Top Reason For the most part, I’m sure that most of you reading would never advocate banning a book, but I think […]