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Think Before You Tweet!

Social media is a wonderful tool for aspiring authors, illustrators, and publishing industry professionals. It is a fantastic way to learn about and meet editors, agents, art directors. I credit twitter for creating many of my agent relationships that I cherish and it has also helped me find authors and illustrators who I would love to work with someday. Outside of the publishing industry, social media sites have also become a great way to interact […]


Interview: Slush Success Story! The Doodles of Sam Dibble

Here is what the acquiring editor, Bonnie Bader, had to say about finding The Doodles of Sam Dibble: What are the odds of acquiring an unsolicited manuscript (with artwork included)? Pretty slim, I think. But when The Doodles of Sam Dibble landed on my desk, my interest was piqued. What did I find? I found a laugh-out-loud story, by J. Press about third grader Sam Dibble, who can wiggle his ears, win burping contests, ride his bike […]


Guest Post: Penguin Art Director Giuseppe Castellano on his relationship with editorial

When I was asked by Jordan to contribute a guest post about the art director/editor relationship, I said yes immediately. I felt confident that I could write 600 words without hesitation on the subject. And why not? I’ve worked in the design department for two of the “Big 6” publishers since 1999. Working with the editor has been part and parcel of the job description throughout my fourteen-year career. There was one problem though: 600 […]


After the editorial letter: The editor’s perspective

Authors: I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You know how nervous you are when you receive the email with your editorial letter attached? Your editor is nervous, too! When I sign up a book or series, it’s because I love it. It may need work, but I believe the book should exist in the world. Of course, I’ll usually have notes and comments on things that can make the book even […]


A Day in the Life of a Children’s Book Editor

When I tell people that I am a children’s book editor, the usual response is something like “Oh, it must be so nice to sit and read all day!” If only that were true. Let’s take a look at a day in my life from a few weeks ago… October 10th 7:30 Wake up, shower, and check my work email before heading out for the day. 8:15 Hop on the subway for my 45 minute commute to […]