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Back to school! Favorite and least favorite assigned books!

It’s the beginning of September and you know what that means… school is back in session! Some people approach the first day of school filled with dread, others are pumped to get their learning on. No matter what, I hope you all approach the first day of school with some singing and dancing! To celebrate the new school year, I asked my fellow Pub Crawlers their favorite and least favorite books they were assigned in […]


What kind of convention/conference is right for you?

The number of conferences and conventions that are available for writers to attend each year is staggering. How do you know what is the right con for you? Are you looking for a chance to meet authors? Are you hoping to network with industry professionals? Or just have a fun weekend celebrating your favorite kinds of books? Types of conventions: Genre conventions Genre conventions cater to authors, fans, and industry professionals. Some of the large […]


Working with the design team

One of the great things about being an editor of chapter books and middle grade is my relationship with the design team. Because so many of my books are illustrated, I spend a lot of my time working with the designers making sure each book on our list looks fantastic. To give you an inside look into the world of the design department, I’m going to break down the design process for Adam-Troy Castro’s Gustav […]


Spoiler Alert! Licensed Movie and TV tie-in publishing

As an editor of licensed properties, I have worked on publishing programs for films, television shows, and video games. I’m often asked about the process of creating those publishing programs and how writers can break into that market. What is the process of working on the publishing process for a licensed property? There is a constant back and forth between the publishing house and the studio/creator of the film/tv series/video game. When I’m assigned a […]