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Do you actually need that romance?

A month or so back, someone asked me (in the forums) about writing romance. This is no easy topic to tackle, and it’s something that every author approaches differently. But, I thought I could share a few general rules and also share how I approach romantic elements in my own stories. Romance as a Genre I want to preface this post by saying that romance as a genre is a totally different animal from romantic elements in […]


Wonky Beginnings and Permission to Fail

Recently, I got this question in the Daydreamer forum: I have a problem with starting projects as well as ending them. I get a very clear idea of the mood or atmosphere I want to convey, and when I’m not able to capture that mood when I begin my WIP, I tend to get depressed, start questioning myself and my idea, and chuck the project. I want to this WIP to have a strong start. How […]


Planning a Series

A few weeks ago, I got this question in my inbox: How would you go about outlining [a trilogy]? Would you outline it as a whole or each book individually? Awesome question! And obviously, everyone outlines/plans series differently, so I can only tell you how I plan a series. Hopefully that information is still helpful, though. Step 1: Plan the first book. If you want to see how I do that, you can read my series […]


Reconnecting with Characters

Last week, I got another great question in the Misfits & Daydreamers forum (ask your own questions if you have any!): See, I move around / travel quite a bit…[and] something happens while I’m traveling that breaks / weakens my connection with the characters… I end up writing absolute rubbish, just forcing my characters — these strangers — down plots and crossroads. SO, my question is: How did you reconnect with your characters? Okay. Awesome question because losing […]


Crafting an Ending that Sings

Last week, I got a tough question in the Misfits & Daydreamers forum: I usually have a beginning and middle, but endings are torture for me. I can never ever find one that lives up to my standards or really fits with my vision. Some writers just have an ending in mind and I don’t understand that T_T. How do you choose your endings and how do you know it won’t disappoint your reader? That’s […]