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January 2014 Releases!

How are we already halfway through January? And how is it already 2014?! Not that I’m complaining, because this just means it’s the start of yet another year of AWESOME. And because I need of all of the books! Okay, okay… granted, I can barely see my floors now – but let’s be honest, that isn’t going to stop me. (Yes, I realize I sound like an addict. No, I don’t think I need help. Unless […]


A closer look at Life as a Publishing Sales Rep

Earlier this year, I was asked by my former boss, a literary agent who moonlights as a teacher, to talk to his Publishing Trade Overview class about my job as a sales rep. My first reaction, of course, was to panic. I mean…ME, speak in front of a class? Oh no. What if I messed up? What if I didn’t explain things clearly, or just started repeating myself in circles, or went off on a […]


December 2013 Releases

December is here! If you’re at all like me, the majority of your wish list has been (and, let’s be honest, still is) full of books. Apparently, working in publishing doesn’t change that. I even go so far as to share these book-filled wishlists with others. Forget sweaters and socks and pajamas – I need more books to make my house look like a dragon’s hoard*! And, of course, December is yet another exciting month for […]


November 2013 Releases

Can you believe December is only a couple of weeks away?! I feel like 2013 has gone by in a blink! But this year isn’t over yet – and neither is November! So let’s take a look at some of the books this month has given / will give us! But first, we can’t talk about November releases and not point out that PC’s own Marie Lu celebrated the release of the third and final […]


October 2013 Releases

By Vanessa Di Gregorio — The trees are losing their leaves, Halloween decorations are starting to crop up, and scarves are coming out in full force. Yes, it’s October – but there’s nothing better than curling up under the covers with a good book! And this month, there are good books galore! Of course, I do need to take a moment to point out that we have yet another PC release! This time, it’s Alex Bracken’s […]