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Pub(lishing) Crawl at Comic-Con!

Are you going to be attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con event? If so, you MUST meet up with us Pub(lishing) Crawlers! From panels to signings to ol’ fashioned exploring, we’ll be spanning Comic-Con from Thursday to Sunday–and we’d LOVE to see you! Quick Tip for First Timers: Wear comfortable shoes—you’ll be on your feet all day—and layering your clothes is a must. According to veteran Marie Lu, “all the crowds make for the occasionally […]


The DOJ Settlement and Why We Should Care

Listen, what I’m attempting here is to provide a brief, boiled-down explanation of the more notable points regarding the potential impact of the recent DOJ proposed settlement.  This post is not in itself intended as a comprehensive explanation, but merely to provide a starting place for authors and writers as to how this settlement can affect them.  For further elaboration, I encourage you to click on the provided links throughout the post. The facts in […]


It’s Sales Conference Time!

by Vanessa Di Gregorio — It’s that time of the year again for publishers: Sales Conference time! So I figured now would be the perfect time to talk about a crucial part of my job: what happens each season with new books? How does a selling cycle work? Sales reps tend to work on a different schedule than everyone else in a publishing house. Editorial, production, and marketing all work together to whip a book […]


Week in Review

Welcome to Pub Crawl’s Week In Review, brought to you by your host—me, Savannah! 😀 This week saw some very interesting articles and news pop up in the writersphere. Here’s a recap: In writing pop culture The Washington Pop wonders Did Oprah actually hurt book sales? The scale of the Hogwarts Castle model used on the set of Harry Potter is revealed for first time! The reports on gender in media from 2011 have been released. Here’s a […]


Reissues & Reboots

by Rachel Seigel — Have you ever seen a book on a shelf in the book store and had a strange sense of deja vu? The cover doesn’t look at all familiar, and the title might not ring any bells, but as soon as you read the jacket copy it all comes back to you and you realize you’ve seen this book before. No- you’re not going crazy- you’ve fallen prey to a funny little […]