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You Tell Us: Do YOU Re-read Books?

Hi PubCrawlers! Today we have a question for our readers. We want to know if you ever re-read books. If so, which books? What makes you want to read a book a second (or more!) time? If you never re-read, we’d like to know that, too, as well as why you don’t. Is it that you’ve never found a book you liked enough to read again? Or is it that there are just so many […]


You Tell Us: What Do You Want to See?

Hello, PubCrawlers! Today’s post is a little different than what you’ve been seeing from us… in fact, it’s all about you! As you guys know, we do our absolute best to bring you fresh content about writing and the industry, and we’re generally careful to avoid repeating topics. As the new year hit, we started asking ourselves what we could do to make your reading experience even better—after all, a little change is a good thing, […]


What do YOU want to read about on Pub(lishing) Crawl?

The Pub(lishing) Crawlers have decided to take a different approach to posting. We’re cutting out one day of the week—partly because we’re all having a hard time even writing one post a month (I’m not even kidding. Our lives suddenly EXPLODED with work over the summer.) but we also feel Y’ALL might be getting burned out on us. Additionally, we’re hoping to introduce a few features to promote more reader interaction. We love getting comments—even if […]


Pub Brawl: Strong Heroines?

One of the things I often see writers and readers say they want to see more of is strong female leads. Strong heroines. The kinds of characters who are going to influence the younger generation of young women in the right way. And when I see these comments, I always wonder what IS a strong heroine? It’s a tricky concept for me to wrap my mind around. Some people believe that sass = strength, but […]