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Ask PubCrawl: Short Stories, Novellas, and Write for Hire

Last time on Ask PubCrawl, I answered questions about how to land internships in publishing. This month, we got a few questions about writing in different forms (short story, script, novella, etc.). As always, you can listen to our podcast episodes, email us, or send us an ask through Tumblr if you have any publishing/writing related questions, and we may answer them in the future! From Triona: Hi, I’ve been following Pub Crawl for years and I’ve so much respect […]

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Ask PubCrawl: How to Land an Internship

Last month I answered some questions about how to break into the publishing industry via publishing programs. Since then I’ve received a few more questions about publishing, specifically about internships and freelance opportunities. As always, you can always listen to our podcast episodes, email us, or send us an ask through Tumblr if you have any publishing/writing related questions, and we may answer them in the future! From Linda: As an aspiring Author-Illustrator of a current […]

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Ask PubCrawl: Breaking into the Industry

We here at PubCrawl try our best to elucidate different aspects of the industry for you via our posts and podcast, but we are also available to answer questions (as best we can) if you email us or send us an ask through Tumblr. PubCrawl alumna Alex Bracken used to do a feature for us called Ask Alex where she would answer more industry-focused questions, and we’ve gotten a few about publishing programs. From Bev: Hi, I hope I’m directing this […]

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Ask Alex: Publicist vs. Marketer

This month’s Ask Alex comes from Anna, who asked: I know you’ve written about both marketing and publicity but can you make this difference clearer for me? My understanding is that publicity has more to do with interaction with the press while marketing is more about advertising and social media. What would a marketing professional do that a publicist wouldn’t and vice versa. This is a great question, and one that I know a lot […]


Ask Alex: Common Internship Mistakes

This month I’m breaking with format and tackling something that’s been on my mind recently. As always, I’m happy to take questions here in the comments, but you’re more than welcome to email me if you’d like to ask privately. I’ll always double-check to make sure it’s okay to post the question here. It might seem like strange timing, but now that summer is winding down and internship season is almost over, I wanted to […]