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How to Become an Agent, Part 2: What We Do

So now that I’ve talked about how to become and agent (Part 1, go here) and also how the role of the agent is changing (go here), I’d like to also delve a little bit into how agents do what we do. So there are jobs and there are careers, right? And neither is better than the other. It all depends what you want and where you’re going and how you’re getting there.  Well, in […]


The Best of Pub Crawl 2012

491 pages. 206,476 words. What am I referring to, you might ask??? 3 novels? 25 chapter books? 516 picture books? 5,160 greeting cards?? No. It’s much more than that. I am referring to hard work, dear readers. Over the past year, PubCrawl has brought you advice, facts and information about publishing, interesting interviews, book recommendations, and also…pictures of cute dogs. They have given you content for an ENTIRE YEAR in just 206,476 words. I volunteered for the task of perusing our archives […]


Tackling Revisions

NaNoWriMo is OVER. Many of you find yourselves with a finished novel in hand–perhaps a product of a grueling November or perhaps a novel written some other time. Either way, if you need help  knowing what to do next, then this post might just be for you. The purpose of this post (and the revisions workshop on my personal site) is to help writers avoid feeling overwhelmed, daunted, or just plain lost. I’m offering a starting point […]


How to Become an Agent, Part 1: The Way In

I have Bachelor of Science degree from Binghamton University. I attended C.W. Post for grad classes. Then I started the Publishing Certificate Program at NYU. But you know what’s really funny? It took me a minute to remember all of that. Because I don’t often think of my schooling; it just doesn’t really come up. To be an agent, your education background is not nearly as important as your experience. And I didn’t know that until […]


Guest Post: A Foreign Concept–Foreign Rights

Jo’s away gallivanting across Europe (ok, so she’s going to meetings, attending a conference and promoting her clients…), so she asked me to guest blog in her place! I wanted to shake things up again and blog about something that’s not easily found online. So after some Googling and not finding too many posts on the topic, I decided a post on foreign rights would be fun. 🙂 So let’s start from the beginning: who […]