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Interview with Tim Federle, author of Better Nate Than Ever

One of the books we’re totally excited for this year is the amazing Tim Federle’s debut, Better Nate Than Ever, which came out this week! We dragged Tim in got Tim settled in our comfy chair and grilled him. Gently. Better Nate Than Ever Nate Foster has big dreams. His whole life, he’s wanted to star in a Broadway show. (Heck, he’d settle for seeing a Broadway show.) But how is Nate supposed to make his dreams come true when […]


We’re Glad We Survived the Apocalypse For THESE Books!

We’re back! And we made it through the apocalypse with only a few minor cuts and bruises. 😉 To kick off a brand new year at Pub(lishing) Crawl, we’re sharing some books we’re glad we survived the apocalypse for! Also, if you scrollllllll down, you can enter in a HUGE GIVEAWAY to celebrate this new 2013! Don’t forget to enter or spread the word! Now, lets get started, shall we? Marie Lu says she’s most excited […]