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Why book events are awesome (and some tips for pulling them off)!

Generally speaking, I’m a very introverted person. I don’t love parties. Meeting new people can be more stressful than fun. My ideal weekend consists of me, my couch, some snacks, and a great book or manuscript. So all through the pre-publication process, leading up to EVERLESS’s release, I was sure of one thing: events were going to be a challenge. Faced with talking about my book to actual readers, I’d surely freeze up or shut […]

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How to Survive in a Bookstore as an Author

I’ve worked in bookstores on and off for five years now. I started off at Barnes & Noble in 2009 before accepting a job at my favorite independent children’s bookstore the fall of 2011 where I’m back working part-time. I’ve also been hanging with a lot of local New York authors who aren’t sure about protocol with setting up launch parties, pitching panels, signing stock, etc.. so here’s a post with how we’ve handled things […]


Seven Steps to a Successful Signing

As you read this, I’m in America on tour! Hopefully I am not covered in snow. As an Aussie, I’m not very good at snow. I lack the necessary expertise. I will start by saying that if you’re a Pub Crawler, I would absolutely love to see you there! Click here to see if I’m visiting your city — and if not, you can contact the bookstores to order a signed copy from any of the […]


How I Avoid Turning Red During Every Interview

Recently, a friend asked me how I get through interviews and Q&A sessions at book events. How do I know what to say? How do I keep from sounding dumb? Authors, especially, seem to be an overall introverted bunch (there are exceptions!), so how does one turn themselves on for these kinds of things? This was a huge concern for me, too! Writers spend so much time not just alone in front of the keyboard, […]


Book Events from an Author’s Perspective

There are a lot of things people associate with being a writer, but to be honest, when I was just starting out, I didn’t think much at all about book events. It wasn’t until much later in the game, after I was agented, that I started paying attention to which authors might be coming in my area, and what these kind of events were like. I don’t know about you, but to me, the writers […]