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A Day in the Life (of an author preparing for book launch)

The great thing about a day in the life of an author — or most anyone who works in publishing — is that every day is so different, even when the job is “writer” or “editor” or “publicist.” On Monday, I kept track of everything I did from midnight to midnight. (Since I was up for both of them.) My day was actually really light compared to a lot of authors, since my email inbox […]


Book Events from an Author’s Perspective

There are a lot of things people associate with being a writer, but to be honest, when I was just starting out, I didn’t think much at all about book events. It wasn’t until much later in the game, after I was agented, that I started paying attention to which authors might be coming in my area, and what these kind of events were like. I don’t know about you, but to me, the writers […]