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Behind the Page with Paper Lantern Lit #3: Q&A

Thanks, Publishing Crawl for hosting our final post in the Behind the Page series! We loved reading these questions and hopefully provided satisfactory answers. You can always ask us more questions on Twitter @Paperlanternlit, or email marketing@paperlanternlit.com. 1. What social media advice would you give to a non-published author who’s in the process of finishing her first novel? First, I want to commend you for already thinking about your social media strategy before you’ve started the […]

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Behind the Page with Paper Lantern Lit #1: Writing and Publishing with a Book Packager

Book Packagers are one of the most interesting components of the publishing industry. At least we think so, because we’re one of them! (Hello, we’re Paper Lantern Lit.) But there are also lots of questions about book packagers, such as: What are they, exactly? What do they DO? Why would a writer choose to work with a packager over the ‘traditional’ publishing model? How does the editorial process differ from working directly with a publishing […]


A Day in the Life of Paper Lantern Lit Co-Founder Lexa Hillyer

Wednesday March 11 3:45 am. My husband Charlie’s alarm goes off and he gets up to leave for an early catering gig. He is probably going to be setting up a fancy breakfast at Bloomberg Philanthropy or something but who knows, because he also does things like $150,000 40-person 6-year-old birthday parties at the Carlyle. Hashtag richpeople. I mercifully hear none of this because of the powerful earplugs wedged deep into my skull. 7:34 am. […]


Interview with Paper Lantern Lit’s Lexa Hillyer

ADAM: First off, I’m sure you’ve answered this 10,000 times since the company’s inception, but could you detail what exactly a literary development company is and how it differs from a literary agency and publisher?  LEXA: Sure! PLL is a small creative group of “story architects”—editors trained in the mechanics of concept, character, voice, and plot—who work closely with writers to develop ideas. Our primary business model starts out with PLL developing a big exciting concept, then […]


Have Laptop — Will Travel

When I discovered that two of my favorite childhood authors, Franklin W. Dixon (The Hardy Boys) and Carolyn Keene (Nancy Drew), didn’t actually exist, my world turned upside down. If this is a shocking revelation for you, I’ll give you a moment to take it all in. Okay, still breathing? Good. Granted, the news may not be all that surprising considering that Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books are still being published today, around ninety years after […]