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Clause By Clause: Non-Compete

Welcome back to Clause by Clause: a series that aims to demystify publishing contracts! Previously we’ve gone over Option Clauses and Force Majeure; today we’re going to talk about Non-Competes! What is a Non-Compete Clause? A Non-Compete Clause protects the Publisher’s investment by preventing the Author from putting a substantially similar book on the market that would directly compete with the contracted book and thus negatively impact sales. Risks A non-compete clause is not inherently a […]


Clause by Clause: Force Majeure

Hi Pub Crawlers! This is the second installment in my series on contract clauses. Previously I talked about Options. Today, I’m going to talk about Force Majeure. What is a Force Majeure clause?  Force Majeure is Latin for “superior force.” A Force Majeure clause allows the Publisher to suspend (or in some cases terminate) its obligations under the contract in the event that circumstances beyond its control arise and prevent it from satisfying its contractual obligations for any […]


Clause by Clause: Options

Hi everyone! This is the first installment of a new series I’m going to be writing here at Pub Crawl: Clause by Clause. As our resident contracts expert, I’m going to do my best to demystify this part of the publishing process for you, one clause at a time. Today I’m talking about Option Clauses. What is an Option Clause? In publishing, an Option Clause gives the Publisher the first look–dibs, if you will–on the next […]


Contract Conversations: Red Flags

I’ve written here before about how vital it is to read your publishing contracts. But recent industry dust ups make conversations about contracts more pertinent than ever. An author-friendly contract is imperative for the health of your career, and today I’m here to talk to you about some red flags to look for when reading the first draft of your contract. Contracts are negotiable. If you see any of these warning signs, it’s not necessarily […]