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The Importance of Educating Yourself (Royalty Statements Part 2)

Hi All, First, I apologize for this post getting up late today. It’s been a little hectic over at New Leaf to wrap up things before the holidays, and since I’m the big cheese (big leaf? big tree? bah.) over there, a lot of things have to go through me. Including things like royalty statements, which I am discussing with you here today! So I’m back to remind you how important it is as an […]


The Importance of Educating Yourself (Royalty Statements Part 1)

I recently taught a workshop on how to read royalty statements at an SCBWI (Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators) annual conference. It was one of three workshops I lead while I was there. And it was the least attended. Now I completely understand that people attend writer’s conferences mostly to improve their craft, to network, to be inspired. And learning about royalty statements isn’t exactly the most inspirational thing to do at a conference that has […]