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Navigating Educational and Librarian Conferences

I just took a look at my calendar for the months ahead and realized one thing: conference season is starting back up again.  To help authors prepare, I thought I’d take a break from the usual Q-and-A format to cover some valuable tips I’ve picked up over the past three years of attending trade shows. Through my job, I participate in about six or seven conferences each year, all with their variety of acronyms (ALA, […]


What kind of convention/conference is right for you?

The number of conferences and conventions that are available for writers to attend each year is staggering. How do you know what is the right con for you? Are you looking for a chance to meet authors? Are you hoping to network with industry professionals? Or just have a fun weekend celebrating your favorite kinds of books? Types of conventions: Genre conventions Genre conventions cater to authors, fans, and industry professionals. Some of the large […]


Pub(lishing) Crawl at Comic-Con!

Are you going to be attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con event? If so, you MUST meet up with us Pub(lishing) Crawlers! From panels to signings to ol’ fashioned exploring, we’ll be spanning Comic-Con from Thursday to Sunday–and we’d LOVE to see you! Quick Tip for First Timers: Wear comfortable shoes—you’ll be on your feet all day—and layering your clothes is a must. According to veteran Marie Lu, “all the crowds make for the occasionally […]