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Know thyself, and hit your deadlines

So, deadlines. I can almost hear ominous music in my head as I type that word. They are a constant fact of life for the professional writer. They are crucial to keep everything running on schedule. And, to tell the truth, they suck. Writing a book isn’t like the due dates for homework and school projects that we grew up with, or the quick turnarounds for various tasks often required at our jobs. It isn’t […]


Writing on a Deadline

Whenever someone asks me what keeps me motivated to write, I only half-jokingly reply, “Deadlines.” Over the years, I’ve become fairly disciplined about my writing; I may not write fiction every day, but I do tend to prioritize it over other things I could be doing, such as reading other books, playing video games, blogging, watching TV, or sleeping. That’s most of what it takes to be productive, assuming you don’t have other things eating […]


Guest Post: Beating Deadlines with Healthy Writing Habits

I once saw a fellow YA author tweet something to the effect of: “Books are made out of caffeine, sugar, and tears.” This sentiment stuck with me (though not the author’s name, unfortunately) because it was not only simultaneously hilarious and sad—but also because it was very true to what my own writing process used to look like only a year ago. About this time last year, I found myself in my doctor’s office because […]


Finding a New Writing Routine

One of the most popular questions I receive as an author is “What’s your writing routine?” I love asking that question too! Just because I’m published doesn’t mean I have all the answers; in fact, this post is about how I don’t. It’s interesting to hear about other writer’s processes, and learn new approaches I can take. (Secretly, I wonder if I’ve actually been doing it wrong all this time, but I’ve been lucky.) I know every […]