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All about Pass Pages

Hi all! Julie here. Erin Bowman wrote a great post about the steps in the editing process here, but I wanted to dedicate an entire post to pass pages. Full confession—despite the fact that I’ve been around writers for years and heard a lot about “pass pages,” I didn’t fully understand what they were until I was about to receive my own! So chances are, if you’re reading this post and you’re not already a […]


The Editorial “Call”

Many authors and agents have written about their experiences with “the call.” That moment when the working relationship truly begins and the author and agent have their first chance to truly get to know each other and figure out if they would make a good team. These stories are always fun to read because there is excitement on both ends. The author starts to feel one step closer to publishing their work and the agent […]

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Life as an Editor Married to an Author

Earlier this month, my husband Matt London, experienced something as an author that I’ve experienced many times as an editor. He launched his middle grade debut novel, The 8th Continent. In my career I’ve witnessed many book launches and supported my authors through all that goes with the publishing process as their editor. With Matt and The 8th Continent, I finally experienced it as a family member. Let’s rewind about a decade… My husband and I both […]


Guest Post: Advice for Publishing a Children’s Book

I’ve been a book editor for 20 years and a published writer for 10. I’ve been pitched book ideas in the strangest places—at funerals, by taxi drivers, at family reunions. (For the best success, I don’t suggest any of these approaches, by the way.) I’ve read literally thousands of query letters and manuscripts over the course of my career. I’m constantly asked for advice about publishing. This article includes a lot of useful information for […]