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ACID Cover Reveal and Giveaway!

Today at Pub Crawl we’re super excited to welcome author Emma Pass (and a special guest!) to unveil the US cover of her novel ACID. To help kick off celebrations, Emma will be giving away an autographed ARC of ACID! Now, since we know you’ll only scroll down anyway (and we don’t blame you), here’s the goods (you can click to see it in all its ginormous glory): That there is Jenna Strong, and she’s ready […]


Guest Post: Dealing With Editorial Letters

I have a confession to make. First drafts send me into a cold sweat, but edits? I love ‘em! It’s so satisfying taking a crappy, not-all there first draft and starting to turn it into something that actually works. For me, this is where the story and my characters really come alive. But that’s not to say that, faced with my edit notes, I don’t struggle to know where to start. Or get a sudden […]