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Diversity and Fantasy and the “Other”

It’s no secret that I love fantasy. It’s a genre of different worlds and different people, of things both familiar and wondrously strange. And also, magic. But it also tends to heavily feature white, male characters in a setting that often resembles Medieval England (Lord of the Rings, anyone?).  Despite that, fantasy still speaks to me. And perhaps I’m so drawn to fantasy  because it often allows for protagonists who are “other” – be it through […]


SALT & STORM Cover Reveal! (Plus insights to how the artwork came to be)

Today I (Erin) have a writing friend and agency sibling joining us on the blog. Kendall Kulper has stopped by Pub Crawl before to guest blog, and today she’s here to share the absolutely stunning cover for her forthcoming YA debut, Salt & Storm. Because I know you’ll likely scroll down anyway, let’s get to the goods first… ………… ……. … . . .   GORGEOUS, right? And the official synopsis sounds as awesome as […]


Infinite Release Day!

The day you’ve all been waiting for! The final book of the Incarnate trilogy finally within our grasp! Our very own Jodi Meadows’s Infinite, the excellent conclusion to a stunning trilogy, releases today. A satisfying end to a sweeping story of love, destruction, sacrifice, and healing. There is some seriously beautiful prose going on here, people. But I don’t have to gush: you can do it for me. In honour of this fine book birthday, […]


Introducing Our Newest Member: Janice Hardy!

To kick off this new year of 2014, we here at Pub(lishing) Crawl decided to introduce some fresh meat new perspectives to the blog. We’ve got not one but THREE new members to introduce to you to this week, and we’re kicking off today with the first. Quickly: in case you missed the awesome guest post from Michelle Schusterman last Friday, go read it! There’s a giveaway…;) And now, onto our first new, epic, amazing […]


Crown of Midnight releases TODAY!

It is FINALLY THAT TIME. The day I know many of you (myself included) have been waiting for… Crown of Midnight is OUT. It’s in the wild and available at a US bookstore near you! Thank goodness, right? If we had to wait any longer for our Celaena-Chaol-Dorian-Nehemia fix, there might be rioting in the streets. You think I’m joking, but there were literally mobs of the violent variety at Book Expo America this year over […]