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Guest Post: Research and the Imposter Monster by Elle Cosimano

You’re a writer. So why is it so hard to say it out loud? Why is it that every new person who walks through the door of my local writers’ group introduces herself, and then immediately disqualifies her attendance by adding, “But I’m not really a writer”? Some refer to it as the Imposter Monster, and it took a big nasty bite out of my confidence early in my writing journey. Hell, it still does […]


The Imposter Syndrome

Yesterday, I found myself struggling with my writing. As one does. The scene wasn’t coming together; the characters didn’t want to behave; the emotions felt flat on the page, and I started to ask myself whether or not I was headed in the right path, whether the scene I’d chosen wasn’t just a shortcut to the quicksand swamp that separated me from the Mountain of Endgoal. I was at 26,000 words. Yup, typical writing block […]