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Guest Post: A Tale of Two Submissions with Melanie Crowder

Ask most writers what kind of sale they’d like next, and they’ll answer: any kind. The sold kind. The I have another book coming out kind. But the different kinds of sales play out very…well, differently. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both options. The Proposal: Pros You don’t have to write the whole book before making a sale! The money comes in while you’re working on the book. Fantastic! You can write […]

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Parched Cover Reveal and Giveaway!

Do we have a treat for you! Today we have Melanie Crowder, author of Parched, visiting! And more than that, we ‘re beyond excited to be sharing the cover of Parched with you for the very first time! Can we go even further than that? YES WE CAN! Today we’re also featuring the very first giveaway of a PARCHED ARC! What’s that? Permission to run in circles and squeal? Permission granted, people. Permission granted. Here we go! Isn’t it outrageously beautiful? I […]