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What Is Good Pacing, and Why Does It Matter?

Good Afternoon, Pubcrawlers! If you’ve ever queried a manuscript or sold a book, then I think it’s safe to assume you’ve likely heard the word “pacing” in feedback for your project. Whether the pacing was too slow, too fast, or missing something, when I’m editing client projects or giving feedback on submissions, it’s one of the notes I give the most. When a novel is well-paced, it carries the reader through the story easily to […]


A Quick Tip to Keep Your Scenes Moving

I’m deep in revisions right now, and one trick I use to test my plot and make sure my story is, well, going somewhere, is to ask three simple questions in every scene: Question One: What is the protagonist trying to do? This shows me the goal of every scene. If I can’t answer this, then I know the scene goal is either nonexistent or needs work. This allows me to make sure my protagonist […]


Correcting Problems with Pacing

When I read through an early draft, problems with the pacing usually jump out at me first. I might notice that an action scene drags, or a romantic scene zips by without any real connection between the characters. If your own draft feels flat, you may need to work on your pacing. When a writer gets the pacing right, readers connect with the characters and keep turning pages. Narrative pace refers to the rate at […]