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PubCrawl Podcast: Archetypes – Redemption and Revenge

Hey guys! Our apologies for the late episode; Kelly is taking over editing duties while JJ finishes up the revisions on SHADOWSONG and her technical ineptitude, plus ancient equipment, plus mercury in retrograde all conspired against us. Thanks for your patience! This week we’re talking about some of our favorite core narratives: Redemption and Revenge. Redemption These are Kelly’s favorite! Excellent examples are Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender and Helena from Orphan Black. Redemption […]

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On Writing and Failure

One thing that prevents many people from writing is the fear of failing. “What if my novel sucks?” they wonder, and then to prevent that terrible outcome, they won’t bother to write it at all. That way their story idea will always remain shiny and perfect in their mind. But it’s going to be amazing(!) when they get around to writing it, one day. Just you wait. One of the best pieces of writing advice I heard at the […]


Podcasts and More!

So…I may have a slight podcast obsession. It seems to me that podcasts have hit the cultural zeitgeist in a way I’d never seen before, or perhaps it’s simply because I’ve never noticed before. From Welcome to Night Vale to Serial, it seems as though people are tuning in and waiting for the next installment of a podcast now the way we used to sit down and wait for another episode of television. The way we consume media and […]