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A Day In The Life of Author/Screenwriter Rebecca Serle

6:30 AM: My alarm goes off and I laugh MERCILESSLY in its face. Well, I don’t open my eyes, but in my head I am annihilating dawn. I roll over and turn it off and then I immediately check my email. I wish this wasn’t my habit, but it is. I have a few saying things to me like “Enjoy this time! Everything is about to change!” or “let’s do X before we’re inundated with […]

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Screenwriting Skills Translated to Book-writing

Storytelling through prose and through screenplay can be very different things, and I don’t think I entirely appreciated how different until I started taking classes in screenwriting and trying my hand at scriptwriting myself. Of course, books and movies/TV are very different media, and as such, have to be approached in different ways. To me, the biggest difference (and we’re just talking about the purely writing side here, so disregarding production and all the extra […]