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Why I’ve Stopped Tweeting #AmWriting

LIFE REMINDER: The writing routines that work for me may not work for you. If you’re a morning writer, I want to be you so badly it’s reminding me of that time as a kid where I wanted to be Mary Poppins and would jump off the living room couch in my mother’s heels and a toy umbrella. (Yes, there are pictures of this. No, you can’t see them.) But the only time I’m ever awake […]


Think Before You Tweet!

Social media is a wonderful tool for aspiring authors, illustrators, and publishing industry professionals. It is a fantastic way to learn about and meet editors, agents, art directors. I credit twitter for creating many of my agent relationships that I cherish and it has also helped me find authors and illustrators who I would love to work with someday. Outside of the publishing industry, social media sites have also become a great way to interact […]