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Guest Post: Launching a Writing Career Online

Okay fellow writers, time to go out and build a fanbase from the ground up in order to catch people’s attention and get published! Except, you don’t have anything published yet, so how exactly are you supposed to build a fanbase? Hmmm…. I know what you’re thinking, writing is hard enough without the pressure to build a platform. Unfortunately, the hard truth is that these days, not only are we required to improve our craft […]


Interview with Heather Demetrios: Serialized Novels, Social Media, and The Lexie Project

Hello everyone, Hannah here! Recently, I have been contemplating what it means to serialize a novel. We wouldn’t have Charles Dickens without serial publishing – nearly all of his novels were serialized back in the day, when magazines published a chapter from stories like A Tale of Two Cities or Bleak House every week or month. Though we moved away from that form of novel publishing, websites like Wattpad have created a resurgence, particularly with […]


Reader Question: Internet Fiction

Hello ladies! Right now I’m part of a private writing community on LiveJournal in which a handful of us write and share with readers numbering around 1K. Before that I posted some of my work on FP but have taken down anything of length. I’m working towards querying for an agent and eventual publication, but I wonder about my participation in this group. It has been invaluable, and I’m grateful for the people I’ve met […]