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Writing and Editing Workspaces!

About three months ago, I had a life change. I left my job at Grosset & Dunlap at Penguin to become an Editor at Egmont USA. It was a very exciting move for me, if a bit scary. Grosset had been my first publishing job and my first “real job” out of college. I had a ton of memories there and it felt like my second home. When I arrived at Egmont in December, I […]


Dream Writing Spaces

Somewhere in our heads, we all have our dream office. It might be catered to reading, writing, business….dreaming…but if you’re in publishing, chances are, it also resembles a library. If I were Stephanie Meyer, my house would look like a library and then oh yeah, we forgot the bedrooms, let’s throw in a few of those too. Something like this: Two stories, obviously, is the only way to go. Back in 2008/2009, before I had […]